About the Center


26 Prospect Ave, Spring time

The Center for Statistics and Machine Learning is located at 26 Prospect Avenue.

The Center for Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML) is Princeton University’s focal point for data science education and research on campus.

The center’s mission is to foster and support a community of scholars addressing the challenges of modern algorithmic data-driven research, the development of innovative methodologies for extracting information from data across different domains, and the education of students in the foundations of modern data science.

The center fulfills this via support of research and teaching that harnesses insights from computation, machine learning, and statistics, to advance both theoretical foundations and scientific discovery.

The center offers courses, a minor program for undergraduates, a certificate program for graduates, and special initiatives for students. The center also co-sponsors seminars that enhance researchers’ knowledge base and workshops that deepen the use and reach of data science on campus. 

Undergirding all these efforts is the center’s open collaborative, interdisciplinary nature. We work with departments, centers, and others on and off campus.

Contact us ( [email protected] ) for more information if you are interested in partnering with us on research or want to know more about our suite of programs.