CSML Diversity Statement

The Center for Statistics and Machine Learning strives to provide all undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, faculty and staff with the best possible environment to succeed and grow. We recognize that a diverse and inclusive environment leads to more significant outcomes and opportunities. The Center is committed to equity of access and opportunity for all members of our community regardless of race, nationality, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic or disability status.

Academic rigor and intellectual exchange of scientific ideas are integral parts in the development of an independent scientist. Conducting such exchanges respectfully and understanding the diversity of backgrounds within the community will best achieve these goals. The Center is also committed to providing an environment free from all forms of discrimination, harassment, exploitation or intimidation.

Princeton University aims to extend to each community member the resources necessary to achieve the highest levels of distinction in their work and research.

These goals and values echo statements from campus-wide efforts. In the below web pages, you will find information and resources that support these efforts.


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