SML515 Graduate Course Assistant

The Center for Statistics and Machine Learning at Princeton University has an opening for a graduate student to assist in the fall with course development for the semester-long course, SML 515 which will be offered in the spring 2021 semester. This would be a casual hourly position.

The course provides an introduction to modern data analysis and data science. It addresses the central question “What should I do if these are my data and this is what I want to know?” The course covers basic and advanced statistical descriptions of data. It also introduces the computational means and software packages to explore data and infer underlying parameters from them. The topics are exemplified by real-world applications.

Responsibilities:  Assist course instructor, Professor Peter Melchior, by building his lecture notes directly from his code repository.  

Qualifications: Experience with one or more of the following programs will be helpful: 

Jupyter Notebook, Sphinx, git, and Travis. Learning on the job will be actively encouraged. 

Work Schedule:  Flexible

Interested candidates should submit their applications to Ellen DiPippo at [email protected]. Please attach a transcript and cover letter.  Cover letter should include their motivation and relevant qualification.  Applications should be submitted by August 14, 2020 but will be reviewed until the position is filled.