Best Practices in Python Packaging

DataX - Accelerating Scientific Discovery at Princeton

October 1, 2021

This workshop is for researchers who are already using Python for their work, but who want to distribute their software to the broader scientific community by packaging their code for other researchers to easily use. We will learn about structuring our code as modules and packages, and publishing packages on PyPI and conda, both of which are commonly used in the life sciences to install open-source software. We will gain insights into ensuring reproducibility in research through the process of versioning, continuous integration and testing. Finally, we will look at a sample Python project that puts all these best practices together.



Best Practices in Python Packaging - Videos

Workshop Materials

Workshop materials and downloads.

Part 1 - Introduction, Scripts, Modules, and Packages
Part 2 - Testing Your Code
Part 3 - Python Package Structure
Part 4 - Packaging Data
Part 5 - Continuous Integration
Part 6 - Versioning and Continuous Deployment

Workshop Organizers

  • Brian Arnold

      • DataX Biomedical Data Scientist
      • Computer Science
  • Vineet Bansal

      • Senior Research Software Engineer