Program Participants

Alberto Abadie
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Talk Title: Tutorial on Synthetic Control Methods: Part I

Dmitry Arkhangelsky
Center for Monetary and Financial Studies (CEMFI), Madrid

Talk title: Randomization-Based Inference for Synthetic Control Estimators (joint with David Hirshberg)

Anish Agarwal
Simons Institute at UC Berkeley

Talk Title:  Causal Matrix Completion

David Blei
Columbia University

Talk Title:
On the Assumptions of Synthetic Control Methods

Jelena Bradic
UC San Diego

Talk Title:  Synthetic learner: model-free inference on treatments over time 

Matias D. Cattaneo
Princeton University
Xu Cheng
University of Pennsylvania
Yingjie Feng
Tsinghua University


Talk Title: Uncertainty quantification in synthetic controls with staggered treatment adoption (virtual session)

Guido Imbens
Stanford Graduate School of Business

Talk Title: A Design Based Perspective on Synthetic Control Methods

Kathleen Li
UT Austin…

Talk Title: Statistical Inference for the Factor Model Approach to Estimate Causal Effects in Quasi-Experimental Settings (virtual session)

Guillaume Pouliot
University of Chicago

Talk title: Information Criteria and Degrees of Freedom for the Synthetic Control Method (with Zhen Xie)

Uros Seljak
UC Berkeley

Talk Title: Synthetic control methods: a generative machine learning perspective

Devavrat Shah
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Talk Title: Tutorial on Synthetic Control Methods: Part II

Dennis Shen
UC Berkeley

Talk title: Synthetic Interventions

Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen
University of Pennsylvania

Talk Title: Theory for Identification and inference with Synthetic Controls: A Proximal Causal Inference Framework

Rocío Titiunik
Princeton University
Stefan Wager
Stanford University

Talk Title: Off-Policy Evaluation in Partially Observed Markov Decision Processes

Hongyu Zhao
Yale University
Jinglong Zhao
Boston University

Talk title: Synthetic controls for experimental design