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CSML 2019 Poster Session

Location: Carl A. Fields Center, Multipurpose Room 104

Multiscale Model Reduction in Physics with Deep Networks

Approximating high-dimensional functionals with low-dimensional models is a central issue of machine learning and physics. This talk shows deep convolutional neural network architectures take advantage of scale separation, symmetries and sparse representations. We introduce simplified architectures which can be analyzed mathematically. Scale...
Location: Peyton Hall Auditorium, Room 145

Princeton Research Day 2019

Princeton Research Day 2019 celebrates research and art from the natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, the arts and humanities. This year’s event will include something new – a full day of arts performances and lectures, in the third-floor Frist auditorium. The day will finish on the Mainstage with the...

Location: Frist Campus Center