Azure 101: Cloud Basics and Getting Started

Oct 6, 2020, 12:00 pm12:00 pm


Event Description

Participants will learn the basics of cloud computing, getting started on Azure, and then move on to Azure’s Data and ML tools. Class participants should watch the four prerequisite videos prior to the live workshop.

About this Event

The first of a three-part series, the objective of this course is to help prepare you with core foundational concepts needed to help you start working with Microsoft Azure quickly. We will cover key basic concepts, walk you through signing up for an Azure for Students subscription, and lay down the foundation for the following Machine Learning and Data sessions. You are strongly encouraged to watch the prerequisite videos prior to the live question and answer session.


  1. Azure 101: Cloud Basics and Getting Started (This Course)
  2. Azure Machine Learning
  3. Azure Data Management and Storage

The following topics are covered in this specific course:

  • Introduction to Azure cloud computing
  • Azure key concepts
    • Directories
    • Subscriptions
    • Resource Groups
    • Regions
    • Compute
    • Tour of Azure Services

Prerequisite Videos and Links:

Important notes:

Participants should take Azure 101 before attending the two subsequent workshops.

Links to the Virtual Workshop will be provided a few days prior to the event.

Each workshop requires its own separate registration.


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