Joint PICSciE & CSML Graduate Certificate Colloquium

Apr 24, 2024, 1:00 pm4:30 pm
Convocation Room, 113 Friend Center, Olden Street


Event Description

Graduate students completing certificates in Computational Science & Engineering and Statistics & Machine Learning will give seminars on their dissertation research. Each seminar will be approximately 20 minutes including time for questions from the audience. The event is open to the campus community. 

Registration is required.

Contributions to and/or sponsorship of any event does not constitute departmental or institutional endorsement of the specific program, speakers or views presented.


1:00-1:10 pm Welcome Remarks
Prof. Michael Mueller, Program Director, Graduate Certificate in Computational Science & Engineering
Prof. Tom Griffiths, Program Director, Graduate Certificate in Statistics & Machine Learning

1:10-1:30 pm Tal Rubin, Plasma Physics (Advisor: Prof. Nathaniel Fisch)
“Solving Multi-Fluid Equations in Curvilinear Coordinates, Combining Conservative Methods with
Metric-Induced Sources”

1:30-1:50 pm Marie-Lou Laprise, Sociology (Advisor: Prof. Brandon Stewart)
“Making Language Models Smarter: Leveraging Legal Logic for Enhanced Reasoning Capabilities”

1:50-2:10 pm Charles Maher, Chemistry (Advisor: Prof. Salvatore Torquato)
“Hyperuniformity of Maximally Random Jammed Packings of Hyperspheres Across Spatial

2:10-2:30 pm Luther Yap, Economics (Advisors: Profs. Michal Kolesar and David Lee)
“Asymptotic Theory for Two-Way Clustering”

2:30-2:50 pm Break

2:50-3:10 pm Joseph Lockwood, Geosciences (Advisor: Prof. Michael Oppenheimer)
“Modeling Tropical Cyclone and Coastal Risk in a Changing Climate: Machine Learning, Correlations,
and Resilience”

3:10-3:30 pm Nick McGreivy, Plasma Physics (Advisor: Prof. Ammar Hakim)
“Weak Baselines and Reporting Biases Lead to Overoptimism in Machine Learning for Fluid-Related
Partial Differential Equations”

3:30-3:50 pm Jamie Chin Chiu, Psychology (Advisor: Prof. Yael Niv)
“Examining Variability in Depression, Anxiety, and Quality of Life Between Matched Samples of
Treatment-Seekers and Non-Seekers”

3:50-4:10 pm Dingyun Liu, Plasma Physics (Advisor: Prof. Greg Hammett)
“Implicit BGK Collision Operator for Gyrokinetic Simulation with Moments-Conserving Maxwellian”

4:10-5:00 pm Reception, Convocation Room, 113 Friend Center, Olden Street

  • Center for Statistics & Machine Learning
  • Princeton Institute for Computational Science & Engineering (PICSciE)