Solving Inverse Problems with Data-driven Priors

Jan 17, 2020, 12:00 pm12:00 pm
26 Prospect Ave, Classroom 103


Center for Statistics and Machine Learning
Event Description

I will present a Bayesian machine learning architecture that combines a physically motivated parameterization and an analytic error model for the likelihood with a deep generative model providing a powerful data-driven prior for complex signals. This combination yields an interpretable and differentiable generative model, allows the incorporation of prior knowledge, and can be utilized for observations with different data quality without having to retrain the deep network. I will demonstrate this approach with an example of astronomical source separation in current imaging data, yielding a physical and interpretable model of astronomical scenes.


Lunch will be provided.

This interdisciplinary meeting focusses on ML approaches that are useful for the sciences and engineering. The style is informal. Join us if you want to learn new ML approaches for scientific research and, in particular, if you're already using them.