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Undergraduate Certificate - Independent Work Posters Due

Please find more information about the requirements for this poster here.

Please make note of the important due dates pertaining to the Independent Work requirements here.

Location: 26 Prospect Ave, Princeton NJ

Joint PACM-CSML Colloquium

A core problem in statistics and machine learning is to approximate difficult-to-compute probability distributions. This problem is especially important in probabilistic modeling, which frames all inference about unknown quantities as a calculation about a conditional distribution.

Location: 214 Fine Hall

CS Colloquium Series: Bo Wang - Machine Learning Algorithms for Exploiting Spectral Structures of Biological Networks

Networks are ubiquitous in biology where they encode connectivity patterns at all scales of organization, from populations to a single cell.  How to extract and understand non-trivial topological features and structures inherent in the networks is critical to understanding interactions within complicated biological systems.

Location: Computer Science Small Auditorium (Room 105)