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Hydrological modeling in the era of big data and artificial intelligence

Nowadays, all sorts of sensors, from ground to space, collect a huge volume of data about the Earth. Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) provide unprecedented opportunities for data-driven hydrological modeling using such “Big Earth Data”. However, many critical issues remain to be addressed. For example, there lacks efficient...
Location: Virtual Seminar

Leveraging the Advanced Capabilities of the Traverse Supercomputer

The new Traverse supercomputer, which is composed of 46 IBM POWER9 nodes with 4 NVIDIA V100 GPUs per node, has an impressive peak performance of over 1.4 PFLOPS. However, to take full advantage of this computational power, one must have specialized knowledge of both the hardware and software.

Azure Machine Learning

In this workshop, you will learn the most important concepts of the machine learning workflow that data scientists follow to build an end-to-end data science solution on Azure. You will learn how to find, import, and prepare data, select a machine learning algorithm, train, and test the model, and deploy a complete model to an API. You will get...

Azure 101: Cloud Basics and Getting Started

Participants will learn the basics of cloud computing, getting started on Azure, and then move on to Azure’s Data and ML tool. Class participants should watch the four prerequisite videos prior to the live workshop.

Follow the Money: Best Practices for Cloud Cost Optimization

This workshop will present various ways for identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste and optimizing cloud computing costs. No previous knowledge of cloud computing is required.

Geometric Insights into Spectral Clustering by Graph Laplacian Embeddings

We present new theoretical results for procedures identifying coarse structures in a given data set by means of appropriate spectral embeddings. We combine ideas from spectral geometry, metastability, optimal transport, and spectral analysis of weighted graph Laplacians to describe the embedding geometry.

Location: https://www.oneworldml.org/upcoming-events

Towards a Secure Collaborative Learning Platform

Multiple organizations often wish to aggregate their sensitive data and learn from it, but they cannot do so because they cannot share their data. For example, banks wish to run joint anti-money laundering algorithms over their aggregate transaction data because criminals hide their traces across different banks. Bio: Raluca Ada Popa is an...
Location: https://princeton.zoom.us/j/97190696906

DataX Workshop Series: Synthetic Control Methods | Day 2 (POSTPONED UNTIL 2021)

This event has been postponed until 2021. More information will be provided when available.

DataX Workshop Series: Synthetic Control Methods | Day 1 (POSTPONED UNTIL 2021)

This event has been postponed until 2021. More information will be provided when available.

Analysis of Gradient Descent on Wide Two-Layer ReLU Neural Networks

In this talk, we propose an analysis of gradient descent on wide two-layer ReLU neural networks that leads to sharp characterizations of the learned predictor. The main idea is to study the dynamics when the width of the hidden layer goes to infinity, which is a Wasserstein gradient flow.

Location: https://www.oneworldml.org/home