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Unsolved Data Problems

Unsolved Data Problems will introduce faculty and students in the computer and data sciences to the untapped research possibilities inherent in humanities data.

Location: Computer Science Department, Room 105

Cosmology with galaxy surveys: from precision to accuracy with data-driven models

Immense surveys of the night sky are being conducted to test the origins and evolutions of the Universe as a whole, using distant galaxies and quasars (bright galaxies with active supermassive black holes at their center). This requires modeling the spatial and spectral statistics of those sources in detail using millions of noisy observations,...
Location: PCTS, 407 Jadwin
Tags: Seminars

Fitting Convex Sets to Data

A number of problems in signal processing may be viewed conceptually as fitting a convex set to data.  In vision and learning, the task of identifying a collection of features or atoms that provide a concise description of a dataset has been widely studied under the title of dictionary learning or sparse coding.  In convex-geometric terms, this...
Location: Equad, B205
Tags: Seminars