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Machine Learning and Causal Inference for Heterogeneous Treatment Effects

This talk will review recently developed methods to apply machine learning methods to causal inference problems, including the problems of estimating heterogeneous treatment effects, for example, in A/B testing, as well as in estimating optimal treatment assignment policies.
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Undergraduate Certificate - Submission of Independent Work Title and Abstract

Deadline for Submission of Independent Work Title and Abstract.

Location: 26 Prospect Ave, Princeton NJ

Decoding the Milky Way Galaxy

Stars residing in the Milky Way halo hold the key to the origin of our Galaxy. The stellar halo has traditionally been inaccessible as it contains only one percent of stars in the Galaxy. However, novel data sets have enabled us to confidently identify thousands of halo stars in a high-dimensional space of stellar positions, velocities and...
Location: Peyton Hall, Room 145
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