Graduate Program

Bar chart of David Ribar research showing relationship of Prediected written support of Military Force Treatment by American Identity.

An example of research from David Ribar, a doctoral student in Princeton University’s politics department. He is also pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning from CSML.

As the field of data science grows and opens new opportunities in many different disciplines, Princeton University’s CSML has kept apace by fostering cutting-edge research and engaging in deep collaboration with faculty members, centers and departments across campus and with outside practitioners in varied industries. Graduate students would be well positioned at Princeton due to the center’s strong interdisciplinary nature and the wide array of exciting research happening on campus. Check out the center’s signature program for graduates and available research areas and initiatives below and at the links on the left. 

Graduate Certificate Program in Statistics and Machine Learning

Princeton graduate students can now earn a Graduate Certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning as a complement to their departmental graduate studies. This certificate is overseen by CSML. There are three requirements in completing the certificate: completing appropriate course work, engaging in research involving statistics or machine learning, and participating in the CSML graduate seminar. (See link on the left-hand menu.)

Data-driven research increasingly involves large-scale complex data that needs to be analyzed using innovative methods from the fields of statistics and machine learning. This approach, coupled with advancing data science’s underlying methods and algorithms, has become an essential component of modern scientific discovery. Princeton University is committed to playing a vital role in preparing students to lead in these areas, and the certificate should deepen and enhance students’ understanding and application of data science techniques.

Doctoral Degree Programs with links to Statistics and Machine Learning

CSML works with many participating departments and centers at Princeton to enhance graduate education and research involving statistics and machine learning. All Princeton graduate students who enroll in degree programs at their home departments are encouraged to also participate in CSML’s activities, courses, seminars, and other educational and research programs. Students who have coupled their core research with extensive studies and participation with CSML programs have reported that their studies have greatly benefited from their involvement at CSML.

Graduate students can make extensive use of statistics and machine learning research in their doctoral studies in such areas as: