Graduate Certificate Program

Average Phan work

The visual image is an excerpt from the research work of Average Phan, a doctoral student, who is studying how bacteria communicate with each other. He is using data science tools to model this communication.


The Graduate Certificate Program in Statistics and Machine Learning is designed to formalize the training of students who contribute to or make use of statistics and machine learning as a significant part of their degree program. In addition, it serves to recognize the accomplishments of graduate students across the University who acquire additional training in statistics and machine learning, going beyond the requirements of their own degree programs.

Enrollment to the Program

This certificate program is open to Princeton University students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. or master’s program at the University. Students must enroll by completing an online application form on the CSML website. The application will include a tentative plan and timeline for completing all the course requirements. Students are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible, and no later than one semester prior to graduation.  Because Ph.D. students who have entered Dissertation Completion Enrollment (DCE) status are not eligible to enroll in courses, Ph.D. students must enroll in the CSML graduate certificate program in time to complete the course requirements while they are still in their regular degree program length.

For enrollment, please use this form: Graduate Certificate Enrollment Form

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Program of Study

For students enrolled in a graduate degree program with a thesis or dissertation requirement, the certificate is comprised of three components: (a) completion of three appropriate graduate courses, (b) a relevant research contribution, and (c) a research seminar. We expect that the core courses can be taken as graduate electives, in partial fulfillment of the various course requirements in home departments, and that item (b) will naturally form as part of the student’s thesis or dissertation. For non-thesis master’s students, item (b) is replaced by an appropriate technical presentation. The certificate will appear on a student’s official transcript after all requirements for the certificate have been fulfilled and a graduate degree has been awarded. Students who earn the certificate will also be recognized on the CSML website.

Certificate of Proficiency

Each enrolled student who completes the certificate requirements will be awarded a certificate and recognized on the CSML website.


Graduate Certificate Administration

Susan Johansen
Academic Program Coordinator
Office Phone
CSML 209
Peter Ramadge
CSML 204