Resources for Python

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Installing the Anaconda Python Distribution

We recommend installing the latest version of Anaconda Python(link is external) 3.x .

If you have difficulty with the installation, the Tech Clinic(link is external) should be able to help.

Learning the Basics of Python

Here are some useful tutorials for beginners and budding experts:

Integrated Developer Environments (IDEs) for Python

The Anaconda distribution comes with two user-friendly interfaces for Python called Jupyter and Spyder.

To run the Jupyter notebook, open a terminal window and type “jupyter notebook.” To run the spyder IDE, open a terminal window and type “spyder.”

There are many fancier IDEs available for python. A highly regarded IDE is “pycharm” from jetbrains. However, for beginners this is more complicated than needed. If you want to try it, download the educational version "pycharm EDU(link is external)