SML310 AI Opportunity


The Center for Statistics and Machine Learning at Princeton University has openings for an AI to participate in delivering SML310 -- Research
Projects in Data Science. Students in SML 310 will work on a a substantial independent project in data science. Lecture topics will support student projects and will include supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods, deep learning, data visualization, and hierarchical modelling.

The AI will work with students who are working on projects that fall within the AI's specialization, hold office hours, assist with grading, and hold Python workshops for students who are beginners in Python.

Interested candidates can view last year's SML310 webpage here:

Requirements: experience with and enthusiasm for machine learning and data science; expertise in data analysis using Python and/or R. Experience with PyTorch and/or Stan would be an asset but is not a requirement. We encourage applications from candidates in core data science disciplines as well as any other candidates whose work involves advanced quantitative analysis.

Interested candidates should contact Michael Guerzhoy at Please attach a resume/CV.