Three CSML participating faculty members named Sloan Research Fellows
Feb. 22, 2024

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has named Boris Hanin, Chi Jin and Aleksandra Korolova 2024 Sloan Research Fellows. The fellowships honor creative early-career researchers in the sciences and social sciences.

Across campus, Princeton researchers use machine learning to aid discovery
Feb. 12, 2024
Written by Allison Gasparini

How does a researcher make sense of the data they collect over the course of what might be years of conducting experiments? They could have to comb through masses of data looking for patterns or they might want to predict unknown information using what they do have. Increasingly, machine learning is a tool that is being used across academic…

AI Hope Versus Hype
Jan. 25, 2024

If you’re starting to deploy artificial intelligence in your everyday life, how can you be sure that the tools you’re using are trustworthy? As the reach of AI extends deeper into our daily routines, Princeton’s in-house AI expert Arvind Narayanan aims to help the public disentangle fact from fiction.

DataX – Julian Gold: making the leap from pure mathematics to computational biology
Jan. 5, 2024

Julian Gold had spent most of his academic research career in the world of pure mathematics. 

As a researcher, Gold used probability theory, an area of mathematics concerned with studying chance events or random phenomena. In particular, he focused on understanding the properties of mathematical objects that are characterized by…

Governor Murphy and Princeton announce plans to establish an artificial intelligence hub in New Jersey
Dec. 21, 2023

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy joined University President Christopher L. Eisgruber on Monday to announce plans to create an artificial intelligence innovation hub for the state, in collaboration with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

CSML Minor Program
May 26, 2023

CSML leadership is pleased to announce the very popular certificate program in statistics and machine learning has been converted to a Princeton University minor. The change is effective for the Fall 2023 semester. More details to come.

For program requirements, please contact Susan Johansen…

New research shows a path to creating mechanical artificial intelligence
May 5, 2023

All intelligent organisms have a nervous system, a way for communication to flow between the brain and the motor system and vice versa. Researchers at Princeton have taken a first step in developing this type of coordination for mechanical AI systems using the tools of machine learning.

The researchers created a neural network that…

‘Deep learning’ at Princeton’s Graduate School
May 3, 2023

Claire Dennis, a graduate student in the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, is steeping herself in math and computer code this spring. While she plans to enter the world of policy — and not that of algorithms and computer programming — she felt it was important to familiarize herself with how technology is transforming the…

CSML holds its popular “Dinner with a Professor”
May 1, 2023

Amidst the whirl of yet another busy spring semester at Princeton University, students enrolled in the undergraduate certificate program at the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning Center (CSML) stepped out of the classroom last month for a special meal at Prospect House. Between bites of salad and various entrees, students had the opportunity to connect with faculty in an informal setting as part of CSML’s “Dinner with a Professor” on April 11th.

Brandon Stewart, CSML participating faculty, receives grant for AI work on persuasive speech
May 1, 2023

A new project led by Brandon Stewart, associate professor of sociology and a researcher in the Office of Population Research, aims to learn what words, phrases and arguments successfully persuade people. The team will apply textual analysis tools and modern causal-inference designs to discover what features make a document persuasive. Using new large-language models, the team will create new machine-generated texts that possess these features, allowing the researchers to study systematically how specific attributes of the texts convince their audience.