2019 Highlights from CSML

Thursday, Jan 9, 2020
by Sharon Adarlo

From initiatives to increase the use of data science on campus to significant educational milestones, the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML) at Princeton University has seen a year of exciting growth in 2019. CSML saw the first cohort of students earning graduate certificates from the center. Another highlight was the largest showing of undergrads, 62 total, for the undergraduate certificate program’s poster session this past May. CSML also announced the funding of new research projects ranging from the nature of galaxies, social media dynamics on the global warming debate, politics, to computer vision. This is on top of the many events, co-sponsored seminars, courses, and interdisciplinary programs and workshops that have filled the center’s calendar. And behind the scenes, the center is set to expand with new personnel and other initiatives.

Altogether, these activities bolster CSML’s mission to foster a community of scholars developing and utilizing new data science methodologies, while educating students to be well versed in its foundations.

Amir Ali Ahmadi, professor of operations research and financial engineering, sums up the appeal of CSML: 

“What’s exciting about CSML is that it is bringing different departments together and it encourages interdisciplinary research,” he said in a previously published profile.

“It’s stimulating for me to be involved at CSML because I get to see all the teaching and research activities that my colleagues are pursuing in various fields related to machine learning”, he continued. “It feels like the campus is coming together.”

A list below shares several highlights from CSML’s 2019 that capture the diverse range of activities that have been happening at the center.

Schmidt DataX Funds support CSML advances and innovation in Data Science

Schmidt DataX Fund supports projects that harness data science to speed discovery

First cohort of graduate students earn CSML certificates

Creative student research culminates into CSML’s biggest poster session event yet

Princeton program empowers youth to shape the future of artificial intelligence

Spring freshman seminar explores societal perspectives on data science

“Dinner with a Professor” showcases CSML’s community of scholars

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