Announcing the CSML Graduate Certificate Program

Wednesday, Nov 1, 2017
by Melissa Moss

Princeton University has approved the creation of a new certificate program for graduate students through its Center for Statistics and Machine Learning, with enrollment beginning in January 2018.

Certificate programs — offered as a way for students to develop their knowledge in a field outside their major concentration — also provide opportunities for students to explore exciting junctions between disciplines.

 “The graduate certificate program is an exciting expansion of the center’s activities to enhance graduate education and research in statistics and machine learning” says director, Professor Peter Ramadge. “The center is collaborating with many departments to ensure that graduate students are well prepared to make innovative contributions to the theory or application of advanced statistics and machine learning during their graduate studies. This is increasingly important in many areas, from computer science and biology to social science and politics.”

Research across the disciplines requires the integration of data science, statistics and machine learning to make cutting-edge advancements. Princeton University is committed to playing a vital role in preparing students to lead in these areas, and the Center for Statistics in Machine Learning is helping to advance that mission.

As the center’s assistant director Kate Braunstein notes, “The Center for Statistics and Machine Learning’s undergraduate certificate program is the third most popular at the University. We hope and expect this new graduate certificate to prove as popular. We also offer courses, seminars, a Lunch & Learn speaker forum, and other educational programs that we encourage undergraduate and graduate students to explore.”

Interested students can find more information about CSML’s certificate programs and their requirements on the Graduate School website, or on CSML's website.