Barks, Bubbles, and Brownies

Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018



Stress can run high for students during final exams, so we put our heads together to plan an event where our students could relax and recharge.

Some of our staff suggested a bubble tea party, others thought therapy dogs would be the best idea, while a couple of others advocated for chocolate theme—always a favorite. Why choose when we could do all three? And that’s how Barks, Bubbles, and Brownies came to be.

On the afternoon of January 11th, this triple-header of stress busters drew a large crowd of tired students into 26 Prospect. Within minutes everyone was enjoying themselves, eating, drinking, and cuddling with pups Sasha and Harley.  We hope it helped send them back to their studies refreshed. Even the photos of this event make us smile—have a look! And if you missed it this year, you’ll have another chance in 2018: this has “instant tradition” written all over it.