Call for Azure Cloud Computing Proposals

Monday, Jan 6, 2020

Deadline to Apply: January 20, 2020.

With the support of a gift from Microsoft Corporation, the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML) is pleased to announce a call for proposals for Azure cloud computing grants. The grants can support computational and data intensive research across a variety of domain areas, e.g. health and biomedical, life sciences, social sciences, chemistry, materials research, machine learning, etc.  We invite proposals based on a diversity of intellectual approaches and personal backgrounds. 

A total of $300,000 of Azure cloud computing credits is available. Each grant takes the form of credits for the use Azure cloud computing resources. Credits must be used by the end of the academic year (June 30, 2020). An extension may be possible, but proposals should be prepared to be completed by June 30.


Proposal Preparation and Submission

Tenured and tenure-track Princeton faculty from all divisions are invited to apply. A faculty member can participate on at most one proposal. Submission deadline: Monday, January 20, 2020, 9am.

Proposals should be concise, up to two pages in length. Clearly specify the research objectives, outline the need for additional computing resources and how the credits will be utilized. If relevant, additional material can be included as an appendix.

Please include your budget for requested credits with your proposal. Budgets must be estimated using the Azure credit calculator  -  

If you need help in preparing your budget, please see the contact information below.

Proposals should be submitted online using the CSML webform. Complete the form on the webpage and upload the proposal as a single pdf document. 

Local assistance in moving your proposed computing to Azure cloud computing will be available for funded proposals. Online training in Azure cloud computing resources are available at and .



Contact CSML Assistant Director, Sarah McGovern (, with questions about proposal preparation and submission.



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