CSML faculty featured in Robotics issue of EQuad News

Written by
Sharon Adarlo
March 21, 2022

Five professors affiliated with the Center for the Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML) have their work featured in the latest issue of EQuad News, the semiannual news magazine published by Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Olga Russakovsky, assistant professor of computer science, has an article on her research into computer vision and her advocacy work for AI4ALL, a national nonprofit that aims to bring young people from underrepresented groups into AI research. Link here.

Naomi Ehrich Leonard, the Edwin S. Wilsey Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, has an article on her research that aims to help robots move safely and gracefully around humans while achieving desired goals. Link here.

Ryan Adams, professor of computer science and director of CSML’s undergraduate certificate program, has an article on his research on using artificial intelligence to build robots that are more efficient and versatile builders. Link here.

Jaime Fernandez Fisac, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, has an article on his research aiming to improve the safety of robots’ interactions with humans, such as in car traffic situations. Link here.

Anirudha Majumdar, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, has an article on his research on building drones that can fly better in high winds and navigate complex air flows between buildings. Link here.

Other EQuad issues can be found at this link.