CSML Students Relax with Barks, Bubbles and Brownies

Thursday, Jan 24, 2019
by Andrea La Bella

The compressed time frame of finals week is often a source of stress for students. So, to help them relax and recharge, CSML brought in the experts for the second annual Barks, Bubbles, and Brownies.

A therapy dog laying on the floor of the CSML LoungeOn January 9, 2019, students and staff gathered at CSML with therapy dogs, Sasha and Harley; who offered a 'paws’ in the action to give students a needed break from their studies. The bubble tea and brownies added fun and nourishment to the comfortable atmosphere and needed decompression time.

Some experts say that the best therapist has fur and four legs, and few things release stress quicker than playing with joyous dogs! Thank you, Sasha and Harley, for providing unconditional love, support, and joy to Princeton University students when they need it most!

If you missed the event this year, we look forward to seeing you next time. For calendar information go to  https://csml.princeton.edu/


therapy dog sitting at the CSML Lounge  therapy dogs Sasha and Harely interacting with CSML students  several students drinking bubble tea and interacting with therapy dogs in the CSML Lounge