CSML Undergraduate Certificate Scholarly Travel Fund Award

Friday, Dec 8, 2017

The Center for Statistics and Machine Learning's Undergraduate Certificate Scholarly Travel Fund will provide a grant(s) to currently enrolled UG Certificate Program student(s) to present at a conference, seminar, or workshop in a field closely related to statistics and machine learning. Applications must meet the requirements listed below and include all attachments and explanations requested. The max amount of an award for this academic year is $500 and may be distributed to one or more students.  Awards will be reviewed and granted by CSML on a rolling basis.  If you have questions, please email csml@princeton.edu.


  • CSML UG Certificate enrolled students only
  • Travel/event within current academic year-must be before graduation if senior
  • Must present at conference (talk or poster)-include a description of your work
  • Conference must be relevant to statistics and machine learning - include a summary of the event you plan to attend, including an explanation of the relevance
  • Submit a copy of the acceptance letter for your work being presented
  • CSML support should be acknowledged in the talk or poster at the event
  • $500 max award

Apply Here