CSML Welcomes New Director

Thursday, Jul 27, 2017
by jd7

CSML welcomes its new director, Professor Peter J. Ramadge the Gordon Y.S. Wu Professor of Engineering and Professor of Electrical Engineering. His research interests range from theoretical aspects of machine learning and data analysis to the applications of machine learning in domains such as neuroscience, robotics, and signal processing. He teaches undergraduate courses at Princeton on machine learning and signal processing, and a popular graduate course on theoretical aspects of machine learning and pattern recognition.  Prof. Ramadge has previously served as the chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering, and on numerous university committees including the President’s Faculty Advisory Committee on Appointments and Advancements. He assumed the position of Director of CSML on July 1, 2017.


Message From the New Director

It is an honor to serve as the second Director of Princeton’s Center for Statistics and Machine Learning.  Indeed, it is very exciting to be leading the Center during a period of unprecedented interest in data driven research, and in which the size of datasets challenges our ability to extract reliable information. Princeton has a wealth of talent across many disciplines, much of which is increasingly involved in aspects of these important problems. Whether your interests are in the theoretical aspects of machine learning and statistical data analysis, or in innovative applications of such methods to problems in engineering, the humanities, sciences, or social sciences, I welcome you to make contact with the center, to participate in the center’s activities, and to work with us to make Princeton a center of excellence in the field of data science.  I am excited by the opportunities that lie before us.

Finally, I want to thank the inaugural director, Prof. John Storey, for his work in getting the center up and running, and Profs. David M. Blei, Jianqing Fan, and Rob Schapire, who also helped seed the concept of the center and worked to bring it into being.