Friday, Jun 12, 2020

Do you have a strong background in scientific programming, academic research, and are eager to contribute to groundbreaking research? Do you love to write code and analyze data? Then please consider joining our growing team of data scientists! 

Friday, Mar 13, 2020

The latest updates for the University community about COVID-19 are available on the University’s coronavirus website, accessible from the link below. The site contains recent communications with important information for students, faculty and staff, as well as FAQs.

Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

To probe the origin and spread of cancers in the human body more effectively, Ben Raphael, professor of computer science at Princeton University, and his research lab created HATCHet or Holistic Allele-specific 

Monday, Sep 20, 2021
As extreme weather events such as flooding and drought become more common in a climate impacted by humans, the ability to understand and predict water resources and systems is becoming more important than ever. To that end, a team of Princeton University and University of Arizona researchers has received a $5 million grant from the National...
Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021
Nick McGreivy is interested using machine learning as a tool to accelerate the computational simulation of partial differential equations in plasma physics. “Plasma physicists have spent a lot of time and effort developing equations that describe the behavior of plasma within a nuclear fusion reactor,” said McGreivy. “One problem that I am...
Thursday, Aug 26, 2021
by Sharon Adarlo
Barkachi is interested in using data science techniques for practical applications and having it potentially spun off into a start-up business. His independent project for the CSML certificate was developed along those lines: an e-learning market place called LiveShare.
Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021
by Sharon Adarlo
Kreisch research interests lie in cosmology, a branch of astronomy that concerns itself with the universe’s origin and its evolution. She marries this interest with machine learning, which scientists have increasingly come to rely in recent years in order to interpret cosmological data. “I work at the intersection of theory and computation and...
Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021
Since our last newsletter, the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning has been a hive of activity and growth, despite a pandemic hampering many in-person engagements. We marked the end of the spring semester with our annual poster session and were pleased to celebrate the accomplishments of 100 undergraduates and 16 graduate students earning...
Wednesday, Aug 4, 2021
by Sharon Adarlo
Ten new interdisciplinary research projects have won funding from Princeton University’s Schmidt DataX Fund, with the goal of spreading and deepening the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning across campus in order to accelerate discovery. The 10 faculty projects, supported through a major gift from the Schmidt Futures Foundation,...
Monday, Jul 26, 2021
by Sharon Adarlo
In his independent project for the CSML certificate, Alan Ding decided to look into the deeply polarizing COVID-19 discourse on Twitter. He wanted to analyze any trends and see if it was possible to ameliorate polarization on the social media platform.