Monday, Mar 8, 2021
by Sharon Adarlo

Ricardo Masini, a newly appointed lecturer for Princeton University’s Center for Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML), brings an eclectic background to his job, including stints as a systems engineer and business consultant. But the one he treasures the most is educator.

Monday, Mar 1, 2021
by Sharon Adarlo
Noemi Vergopolan's research aims to understand the impact of extreme hydroclimate, such as droughts and floods, on human activities. One focus of her research is predicting soil moisture, droughts, and their impact on agricultural production, such as corn yields.
Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021
by Sharon Adarlo
Mia Hu’s research concerns itself with a simple and yet difficult question: Are humans the only intelligent life form in the universe? Hu’s answering of this question manifests itself in the task of trying to find exoplanets that can possibly harbor life. “What we are trying to do is to find another Earth,” she said.
Friday, Feb 19, 2021
by Sharon Adarlo
It was a productive winter break for attendees of Princeton University’s virtual two-week computing bootcamp, which had over 300 registrants and covered a wide range of subjects, from foundational skills on programming languages to high performance computing. This was the first time the Princeton Research Computing Bootcamp, in its third year,...
Monday, Feb 15, 2021
With the support of a gift from Microsoft Corporation, the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML) is pleased to announce a call for proposals for Azure cloud computing grants and mini-grants. The grants are available to both faculty and students and can support computational data science research across a variety of domain areas, e.g....
Monday, Feb 8, 2021
by Wendy Plump
In the past few years, the Doyle Lab has turned increasingly to data science techniques to assist problem-solving in organic synthesis. Researchers are driven partly by a year-old federal initiative that seeks to conjoin data science and chemistry, and partly by the notion that a chemist’s time is better spent exploring new reactions than...
Wednesday, Feb 3, 2021
by Sharon Adarlo
In his CSML independent project, which he completed in his junior year, Charles Zhao applied machine learning techniques to extract information from images captured by large, powerful telescopes. Specifically, Zhao looked at galaxies’ central nuclei, which consist of a black hole and other astronomical phenomena and features. In this nucleus,...
Friday, Jan 29, 2021
by John Sullivan
Spurred by the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers at Princeton and Google are applying mechanical engineering and artificial intelligence in an effort to increase the availability and effectiveness of ventilation treatments worldwide.
Monday, Jan 11, 2021
by Sharon Adarlo
In her undergraduate research, Dora Zhao has been delving into the intersection of race/gender bias and artificial intelligence, which has manifested in two separate projects - one for her CSML independent project and another for her senior thesis. In her CSML independent project, which she completed in her junior year, Zhao audited facial...
Monday, Jan 4, 2021
by Sharon Adarlo
Cofer is a doctoral student in quantitative and computational biology and is pursuing the Graduate Certificate from the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML). He works with Professor Olga Troyanskaya, jointly appointed in Computer Science and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics. Before assuming his Ph.D. studies, he...