Anthony Cilluffo: using data science to enhance public policy
July 2, 2021
Written by Sharon Adarlo
Anthony Cilluffo tackled a thorny and hot button subject for his research project: police misconduct. “Police departments are grappling with how to respond to public demands for accountability and reform. One way to improve policing is to provide targeted training to officers most likely to commit actions that breach the public’s trust in police,” he said. In order find police officers who could benefit from additional training, he turned to data science. He took a public data set of NYPD complaints from the 1980s to 2019 and developed a model to predict officers most likely to have a substantiated complaint against them. “I trained random forest and naive Bayes classifiers for this task,” said Cilluffo about some of the data science techniques he used. “Overall, the results using publicly available data offer a promising view of the possible results using more detailed personnel data inside the NYPD.”
Princeton & Mozilla Launch Technology Policy Research Initiative
June 25, 2021

Data-driven public policy depends on data. And, in the area of technology policy, access to data has been a significant barrier to research. Concerned about how online services might intrude on privacy, push hyper-partisan misinformation, or disadvantage their competitors? Those services aren’t sharing the relevant data with researchers.

Forward Thinker Olga Russakovsky on bias in artificial intelligence
June 21, 2021
Olga Russakovsky, an assistant professor of computer science is a forward-thinking expert in computer vision systems. In this video short in the “Forward Thinkers” series, Russokovsky acknowledges the amazing breakthroughs in computer vision that have powered important applications in areas such as disaster relief, autonomous transportation, or medical diagnostics. She also voices concern for the potential for bias within these systems and speaks about her vision for “AI for All,” and her work in identifying a more diverse generation to work on artificial intelligence systems.
CSML awards three poster session winners in 2021
June 14, 2021
Written by Sharon Adarlo

Three students received special recognition this year for their research presented at the annual Center for Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML) undergraduate research poster session: Kavya Chaturvedi ’21, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, Byron Chin ’21, Department…

CSML graduates third cohort of graduate students
June 7, 2021
Written by Sharon Adarlo

It was another year of growth for the graduate certificate program at the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML) which saw 16 graduate students completing the program, an increase from 13 in the previous year and eight for the first cohort in 2019.

Of this year’s graduates:…

CSML students use data science to tackle big questions from real estate to modern slavery
June 3, 2021
Written by Sharon Adarlo

As COVID-19 stalked the streets of New York City last year and racked up increasing mortality rates, there were many anecdotal stories in the news media of people abandoning the city. But was it true throughout the Big Apple and what did real estate sales data actually show?

Hunter Sporn…

Deep learning gives cosmologists a clearer picture of the universe
May 26, 2021
Written by Sharon Adarlo

The universe is a noisy place when it comes to radio transmissions. Cosmological objects from stars to black holes emit radio waves that can sound like eerie electronic ringing or high-pitched squeaks. 

Of particular interest to cosmologists are radio emissions outside the Milky Way…

Princeton Data Science Club: Data@ (Part Three)
May 21, 2021
Written by Sharon Adarlo

Data science affords many opportunities outside academia that can range from policy making in government and think tanks to industries such as finance, transportation and medical. The student-led organization Princeton Data Science (PDS), which is sponsored by the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML), has a…

Students Present Projects Sponsored by CSML and Princeton Data Science
May 12, 2021
Written by Sharon Adarlo

On April 30, students in the Princeton Data Science club presented updates on research projects. The students and their ongoing projects are listed below:

Simeel Angdembe ’23 - Analyzing Data on 911 Calls Sara…
Data Teaching Fellows to develop humanistic modules for CSML's Introduction to Data Science, SML 201
May 7, 2021
Written by Megan Armknecht

The Center for Digital Humanities announces the inaugural cohort of Humanities Data Teaching Fellows. The new initiative is supported by a Humanities Council