Barks, Bubbles and Brownies

Thursday, Feb 6, 2020
by Sharon AdarloTwo students petting dog with handler in the CSML Lounge

The Center for Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML) hosted a special study break for students, “Barks, Bubbles and Brownies,” an approximately two-hour event on January 9th, which featured therapy dogs.

 About 35 to 40 students, both undergraduates and grad students, came to the event. The dogs came from the organization Attitudes In Reverse, which provides mental health programming geared towards youth from elementary to college age. Besides playtime with the dogs, students also got to unwind with bubble tea and brownies at CSML’s headquarters, 26 Prospect Avenue.

This is the third time CSML has hosted therapy dogs during finals for students. Read a previous article about the 2019 event.