Data Scientists - Schmidt Data X Project

D-19-ITP-00005 | Center for Information Technology Policy | Specialist 

Through the Schmidt Data X project, Princeton pushes the limits of what data science makes possible, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning across the research spectrum. Princeton seeks Data Scientists, in three-year term positions, to create and improve data-analysis software to operate at large scale, leading to faster discovery, wider impact, and greater continuity. 

The Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) is the cross-disciplinary initiative at Princeton that supports research and education on technology policy issues. Research on information technology policy covers a broad range of data-science topics, from security and privacy, to bias and fairness issues, to manipulation of data for social or political aims, to long-term workforce implications of advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The addition of Data Scientists will enable the projects at CITP to achieve unprecedented scale and reach by strengthening software tools, making these tools and the data they generate more broadly available, and taking on new projects involving novel data sets from important stakeholders. Responsibilities of the two Data Scientists in this group include projects and tasks such as the following:

-Enhance methods for collecting measurement data on social media activity by strengthening tools and better automating data collection.

-Develop new means of analyzing data to look for patterns indicative of coordinated manipulation campaigns and to test new methods at scale. 

-Extend BlockSci, a leading tool for blockchain analytics developed at Princeton, to apply to more systems, especially those involving "smart contract" functionality, to obtain a more precise understanding of how these systems are used and the security implications of emerging practices.

While the specific responsibilities will vary by research project, all Data Scientists will create opportunities to educate, train, convene, and support a broad community of researchers on campus in how to best leverage data science in their research and teaching.  They will also contribute to new graduate-level courses on data science as well as mini courses, workshops, and office hours.  In all projects, the Data Scientists must demonstrate expertise in researching, designing, and implementing algorithms and techniques to exploit the connections between data analysis/machine learning and the fundamental research questions explored by each group.


*Ph.D. required in computer science, data/computational science, or related disciplinary field; or equivalent combination of educational training and relevant experience; 

*5 - 9+ years working in data analysis/scientific computing role required

*Knowledge of mathematical modeling and computational methods

*Demonstrated experience applying artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts and tools to research questions and projects, including modeling and simulation work

*Strong coding and algorithm prototyping skills, as well as the ability to explain and document this work in accessible ways; 

*Proficiency in SQL and database design and building data-driven web applications

*Experience excelling in a highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary research environment

*Experience collaboratively developing strategy and executing interdisciplinary projects strongly preferred

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These positions are subject to the University's background check policy.