Study Abroad and Summer Courses from Another Institution

SML Undergraduate Non-Princeton Course Approval Policy

Students in the SML undergraduate minor can utilize up to two non-Princeton/study abroad courses for the SML minor, with proper approval.

An equivalent course needs to be offered at Princeton University and that course needs to be on the SML  approved course list. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain approval and sign off from the faculty member teaching that course. SML cannot sign off on a course that is not our course. Our courses are SML 201, 310, 312, etc.

Once you receive approval and the signature from the appropriate faculty member, please forward the signed form to [email protected] for the CSML program director to sign off.

Please plan and leave enough time to obtain these signatures and approvals.
Example: You would like to take a course at another University that is comparable to ORF 245 - Fundamentals of Statistics. The faculty member teaching ORF 245 must sign off since they are the one that can verify the course is similar to the one, they teach. Once that faculty signs off, email [email protected] the signed forms for CSML program director’s signature.
Example: You would like to take a course at another University and there is not an equivalent course offered at Princeton University. SML cannot approve the course and it cannot be used for the SML minor.